Show Dad what he means to you by sending him flowers, plants and gifts from Men enjoy nature's beauty and sending your father a bouquet of flowers on Father's Day will surely make him overjoyed!
Baby Orchids
Thirteen stems of lovely baby dendrobium orchids arrive in soft shades of white. They appear to be d..
Bright and Happy
This wonderful bright and happy arrangement made up of 10 sunflowers in a glass vase is perfect to s..
Cappuccino Caramelia
Delicious milk chocolate with caramel flavor (chocolate Valrhona), coffee cremebrulee and chocolate ..
Chocolat Noir
Chocolate is perfect gift idea for everyone. If you know they love chocolate, then this rich dark ch..
Chocolate Cheesecake
There is no better way to celebrate that special day than by sending this sweet indulgence to show t..
Chocolate Fresh Cream 
Indulge yourself with moist chocolate sponge, glazed with rich chocolate filled with fresh cream and..
Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate lovers are sure to favor this rich chocolate cake, filled and covered with chocolate ganac..
Chocolate Mousse
A dense, dark and devilishly delicious cake, this will be gone before you know it. Stuffed with soft..
Chocolate Orange Mousse
What an exquisite combination it is, to have a mix of chocolate and orange in one cake! This Chocola..
Christmas Chocolate Hamper
A perfect Christmas treat this Chocolate Hamper will surely delight whoever receives it. In the attr..
Custom Made
Each day we import beautiful flowers that are not shown on our website. We can create from those mag..
Doukissa Square
Everyone loves Nutella which is why we have this cake specially created for children and Nutella lov..
Ficus Bonsai
Exhibiting superior trunk movement our Ficus Bonsai will add interest to any room. These easy to gro..
Fruit Berries
This fruit berries cake does not only look unique but its taste is no where close to familiar! This ..
Medovik Caramel
Delicious thick caramel butter cream spread on rich caramel biscuit layers. What a mouth sweetener t..
Are cakes their thing? The Alcazar Cake is for the chocolate lover in your life! A delicious mix of ..
Orange Crush
A bouquet of outrageous beauty, our Orange Crush Bouquet offers a playful collection of vibrant-tone..
Pistachio Crème
A delicious triple creamy cake with pistachio creme brulee, chocolate cream and pistachio mousse, co..
Plain Cheesecake
Spoil someone with a delicious Plain Cheesecake. Biscuit base with a rich creamy cheese layer on top..
Pony Tail Palm
The Pony Tail Palm is not actually a palm; this native of southeastern Mexico is actually a member o..
Senecio Color Crush
A sweet, vivid flurry of colorful fresh plants celebrates great memories. A colorful assortment of S..
Show Me Smiles
Arranged by hand, this smiling bouquet made up of yellow roses surrounded with yellow and white chry..
Simplicity of White
White lilies with eucalyptus arrive in a stylish clear glass vase. All white and simple. Lilies and ..
Sweet Selection
Not sure what to get? This mix of sweet and savoury will be sure to satisfy all tastes. Sweet Select..
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